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Documentation dis concerning monitoring files market as telecommunications equipment.
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Secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure - E05069801
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Secretaría General de Telecomunicaciones y Ordenación de los Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual - E04796207
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Comprehensive inspection office of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure - EA004272
Telecom equipment


Act 9 / 2014, 9 May, Large telecommunications.

Royal Decree 188 / 2016, 6 May, (BOE10-05- 2016), which approves the Regulation laying down the requirements for commercialisation, commissioning and use radioelectricos teams, and regulates the procedure for the conformity assessment, monitoring of the market and the sanctions regime of teams as telecommunications.

Royal Decree 186 / 2016, 6 May, which regulates the compatibility electromagnetica electric teams and electronics.

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Market surveillance as telecommunications equipment