Electronic means of access

Public access via the Internet to electronic records and electronic notifications of the MCitizen access through the Internet to Electronic Registries and electronic notifications of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation will be via a web browser that meets the specification W3C HTML.4.01 or higher, using a communication protocol HTTP 1.0 or higher, and make use of the services of recording and notification telematics in its communication channel with stakeholders symmetrical encryption of at least 128 bits.

You can consult the documentation of aid in technical requirements.

For any technical clarification, you can contact the General Information page of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Configuration instructions signature

Internet Explorer settings

Mozilla Firefox configuration

Cl@ve: Electronic Identity for administrations

System designed to simplify and unify electronic access of citizens to public services. Allows the citizen identify themselves to the administration through concerted keys (user password) and also electronic certificates including the DNIe.

Can expand information on the functionalities of the system and its use in the website of Cl@ve

Visualization tools filesystem

In communications and notifications made by the ministry are typically used files in PDF format (Portable Document Format). To see them must have installed on your PC a renderer for this type of files, e.g. Photoshop (free of charge).

Another type of file used are often electronically signed documents XAdES format, comprising the extension .xsig. To view these files may download utility Ecofirma .

Java Virtual Machine

To be able to read electronic notifications, and in general for any application of the ministry in that is required to use the electronic signature, you need to have installed on your PC the Java Virtual machine

Downloading the Java Virtual machine