Electronic Registration (Status of the record)

How to check the electronic record of the Ministry

The processing status of a file is obtained by consulting the electronic record of the Ministry. You have several options to access this electronic record:

acceso con certificadoAccess with digital certificate

If you access your digital certificate you can see all the files you have in this Ministry as well as all the entries you have made and all the output that has sent the Ministry, including pending notifications electronically read.

  • In each case their states of processing are displayed and you can see all the entrances and exits it contains.
  • In each entry the documents are displayed and you can download a receipt of electronic record.
  • In each output documents submitted by the Ministry are shown and also you can download a receipt of the electronic record. If the output is an electronic notification to read it for the first time will have to electronically sign accepting receipt. After this acceptance can be read as the other outputs.

The electronic signature requires the use of Java technology, so you can not accept electronic notifications with browsers that do not support such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Access to electronic records with digital certificate

acceso código expedienteFile access code (username and password)

Anyone who knows the username and password assigned by the Ministry to a particular file can access all content (processing states, inputs and outputs), except pending accept electronic notifications (username and password).

At each entrance or exit of the dossier or the documents submitted by the Ministry are shown, as well as receipt of registration. But they can only read electronic notifications previously accepted electronic signature of the recipient.

They can also assign user and password only to a specific input or output, provided that it is not an electronic notification type output.

Access to electronic records by code file

Access Cl@veAccess via Cl@ve

If you are registered with Cl@ve, you can use the identification systems Cl@ve PIN or Cl@ve permanent to access the registry and see all records in the set as concerned as well as all the entries you have made and all Ministry outs addressed to you, except to accept electronic notifications pending.

Identification by Cl@ve it is similar to access mail, except certificate not allowed to read electronic notifications that have not been previously accepted by the recipient. This acceptance must be made as shown in Access digital certificate.

Access to electronic records by Cl@ve