Calendar and official time

As published by the National Interoperability System, synchronisation of the date and the time will be carried out with the Royal Navy Institute and Observatory, according to the provisions on legal time contained in Royal Decree 1308/1992, of 23 October, which stipulates that the Laboratory of the Royal Navy Institute and Observatory is the laboratory which holds the national time standard and is a laboratory associated with the Spanish Metrology Centre and, whenever possible, with official European time.

Official date and time


Link to the Royal Navy Observatory

Calendar of holidays in the scope of the General State Administration

Article 30.7 of law 39/2015, 1 October, Common Administrative procedure of public administrations, states that the General administration of the state and administrations of the autonomous communities, subject to the labor calendar official, set in their respective spheres, the calendar of days off work for purposes of computation of deadlines.

In accordance with article 30.8 of law 39 / 2015, 1 October, the declaration of a day as skilful or unfit for purposes of computation of deadlines not alone determines the functioning of the workplace of public administrations, the organization of working time nor public access to records.

Calendar of non-working for the purpose of calculating deadlines for 2021.

Bugfixes resolution of 27 November 2019, which establishes for the purpose of counting deadlines, the calendar days unfit to 2020.