Detail of Electronic Procedures

  • Request for new services of Radio Communications, satellite, earth by satellite, space research, Radio Astronomy or Fixed Service point to multipoint.
  • Request for modification of Radio Networks.
  • Application for leave to the commissioning of Radio Networks.
  • Cure of Application.
  • Discontinuance of Application.
  • Submission of claims.
Access Mode
Digital Certificate
Management Centre
Secretariat of state of telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure - E05069801
Directorate General
Secretaría General de Telecomunicaciones y Ordenación de los Servicios de Comunicación Audiovisual - E04796207
Management unit
S.G. planning and Management of the spectrum - EA0027929
Radioelectric Spectrum


Act 9 / 2014 of 9 May, global telecommunications (BOE 10-05-2014).

Royal Decree 123 / 2017, 24 February (BOE 08 / 03 / 2017)

Which approves the regulations on the use of public domain radioelectrico.

Royal Decree 1066 / 2001 of 28 September (BOE 29-09-2001)

Approving the Regulations establishes conditions of protection of the public domain radioelectrico, restrictions on emissions radioelectricas and health protection measures against radioelectricas emissions.

Resolution of 4 May 2017 (BOE 12-05-2017)

The secretary of state of telecommunications and for society of the information, which determine the types of radioelectricas stations for which requires a substitute certification of the act of recognition tecnico prior to the authorization for commissioning.

Processing of personal data [PDF] [503 KB]


The notifications to the request shall be made by electronic means, through presence of the applicant or his representative duly identified in the electronic site (access to electronic certificate). It will report on the existence of such notifications by e-mail specified in the application.

In accordance with the current regulations, if within 10 calendar days without access to the content of notice, the same has been rejected and shall be deemed to be carried out the procedure, continuing the procedure.


In accordance with article 13 of regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the european parliament and the council of 27 april 2016 (hereinafter RGPD), and to rule 11 of the organic law 3/2018, of 5 december on Personal data protection and guarantee of the digital rights, the personal data provided by the following forms will be incorporated into the National Registry treatments “ radio frequency spectrum Management ” and “ settlement of charges of spectrum ”, held by the General Directorate for planning and management of the radio spectrum, the purpose is to grant rights to use the public domain, to approve projects radio technicians radio stations and issuing the liquidations of fee for reservation of the radio spectrum.

The above-mentioned treatment of personal data are needed for the subdirectorate General for planning and management of Radio Spectrum to carry out its functions have been attributed to fulfil the legal obligations established by law 9/2014, of 9 may, telecommunication. You Can exercise their rights before the responsabile del trattamento.

Before accessing forms, consider reading the followingadditional information on the protection of personal dataInformacion_Adicional_RGPD_SGPGER_General.pdf [PDF] [473 KB]' target='_blank'>.

Access procedure

Digital Certificate

Request for the new network Radioeléctrica

Request for change in Radioeléctrica Network

Application for Appeal Órbita Spectrum (ROE)

Application for leave to the commissioning of Radioelectricas Networks

Addressing the application

Discontinuance of request Radioeléctrica Network

Submission of claims

Payment of fees for processing Model Telecommunications 790.

Model request exemption rate [DOC] [165 KB]

Model request exemption rate ODT [] [136 KB]

Statement does not disqualification professional competence [DOC] [163 KB]

Statement does not disqualification professional competence [ODT] [134 KB]

Assistance to complete the application

Electronic application Manual of Public Domain Radio [PDF] [473 KB]

Guide for the installation of marking and fencing of radio stations [PDF] [904 KB]

Technical Requirements for electronic signatures

Additional information

Access to information on applications of Space Services

Request for information by

Request for information on requests for the authorisation for placing in service, by

Management Information System Procedures

S.I.A. Code: 990984
Granting concessions, authorizations and encumbrances demaniales
S.I.A. Code: 990987
Cancellation of concessions, authorizations and encumbrances demaniales
S.I.A. Code: 990988
Restoration of concessions, authorizations and encumbrances demaniales